How to on facebook follow button । Facebook Tricks

    How to on facebook follow button । Facebook Tricks
    How to on facebook follow button । Facebook Tricks 

    Nowadays you can't find people who don't use Facebook.

    But not everyone has an idea about some of the settings on Facebook.

    There are many settings on Facebook, I will talk to you today about a popular setting. Today I will show you how to turn on the follow button on Facebook.

    Add friend will be followed by the Follow button.

    Today I will show you what to do to turn on this follow button. Let's get started ...........................

     First, open your internet browser.

    Chrome/opera mini/firefox will open anyone.

    However, Chrome is better. (And if it's mobile, you'll open the Chrome browser and then turn on Request desktop mode)

    Then you will log in with your Facebook ID.

    Then go to your Facebook settings.

    I will explain it through some pictures.

    We must first turn on the Public posts button.

    Those who are on can avoid this point.

    Check that my ID is not on.
    MR Laboratory - public option on in Facebook

    For that you will go to your Facebook Privacy settings.

    Then (include public as an option in your audience selector?) Click on Edit.
    include public as an option in your audience selector ? - MR Laboratory

    Then Allow posting to public.

    Allow posting to public- MR Laboratory

    Now your public option will be activated and from now on you can post with privacy public.

      If you refresh a little, you will see your public option.

    Then click on the Public Post option.

    Then who can follow me make it public from friends.

    Then go to privacy again. Who can send you ftriend request.

    Make it Friend of Friend from Everyone.

    Then if you want to hide those who are following you.

    Then who can see your friend list only me.

    Now the friend who sends you the request will become your follower.

    If you accept the request, it will go away and if you reject it, it will remain a follower. You can manually try another ID.

    Hopefully there was no problem understanding.

    Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.


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